Market Trend Mastery: Never Find Yourself On The Wrong Side Of The Market Again (5-day Email Course)

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Market Trend Mastery

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These are the 5 skills we’ll help you master using the Tick Ecosystem (so you never find yourself on the wrong side of the market trend again):

Day 1: The 3 Types Of Ticks You Should Track
A deep dive into the differences between the Instantaneous, Cumulative, and Filtered Tick.

Day 2: Matching Your Trading To Tick States & Trends
Using moving averages, long term ribbons, and specific trending patterns to view bullish/bearish sentiment.

Day 3: Specific Cumulative Tick Trigger Days
Short, medium, and long term triggers using the Market Trend Model.

Day 4: Sniffing Out Changes In Sentiment
Applying the Net Highs/Lows & Filtered Tick to identify what institutions (the true market movers) are really doing.  Plus, we’ll cover a recent market case study!

Day 5: Specific Strategy Implementation
Complete deep dive into key backtesting results, as well as a forward testing strategy for you to implement instantly.

Created by the GammaEdge team, who educate and help over 150+ traders time & trade the markets on a daily basis.