GammaEdge Terms & Conditions

GammaEdge, LLC Discord Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct
By joining and participating in GammaEdge, LLC’s Discord, you agree to abide by the following Guidelines and Code of Conduct. The definitions of various subjective terms such as “inappropriate” or “with or without cause” will be decided at the sole discretion of the GammaEdge, LLC Members and selected administrators. The purpose of the GammaEdge, LLC Discord is to allow GammaEdge, LLC to discuss GammaEdge, LLC determined pricing levels and historical, observed, or projected activities in financial markets.
GammaEdge, LLC does not offer investment advice. Information provided by GammaEdge, LLC and the GammaEdge, LLC Discord is for informational and instructional purposes only. GammaEdge, LLC is not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (or with the securities regulatory authority or body of any state or any other jurisdiction) as an investment advisor, broker-dealer or in any other capacity, and does not purport to provide investment advice or make investment recommendations by or through the content found on or the GammaEdge, LLC Discord.
The GammaEdge, LLC Discord is provided for the sole purpose of enabling you to conduct investment research. GammaEdge, LLC Discord is not a place for YOU to offer investment advice and GammaEdge, LLC is not responsible for the direct communication between GammaEdge, LLC Discord members. GammaEdge, LLC is not responsible for any information you choose to share within the channel.
GammaEdge, LLC has the right to ban any member, at any time, at our own discretion, with or without stated cause.
GammaEdge, LLC Discord members agree to:
• Not share any information or posts from within the GammaEdge, LLC Discord with non-members. This includes screenshots and any analytics and/or commentary provided by members. Exceptions may be made if discussed in advance with GammaEdge, LLC operating Members.
• Not make direct or indirect references to politics, race, or religion in any context in any channel on the discord.
• Not use business-inappropriate or profane language and/or imagery.
• Not solicit members to use any paid outside services, to include affiliate/referral links, trading services, or provide memberships. Just don’t do it.
Properly-branded charts may be shared without prior permission.
Here, “properly-branded” means that charts that have the GammaEdge logo and URL clearly displayed.